Dignity and Development Project

Franciscan Common Ground is excited to share the Dignity and Development Project from the Migrant Center at the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi in New York City!  In collaboration with La 72 Hogar y Refugio Para Personas Migrantes, the Dignity and Development Project was founded to provide migrants and refugees, especially women, children and adolescents, and LGBT,  with the personalized support, vocational training, and social activities that will help to restore dignity and promote personal and professional development during the migration experience and the long and often drawn-out asylum application processes.

While important vocational skills are taught, migrants and refugees also experience a reintegration into society with positive, life-affirming experiences and social interactions that will help to move them beyond the traumas of migration. The Dignity and Development Project funds the following activities:

• Vocational and professional training for women and LGBT migrants and refugees, including fees, supplies, uniforms, and transportation
• Community building and monthly retreats
• Weekly supervised outings to parks and other recreational activities for children, including transportation, food, and beverages
• Monthly communal birthday celebrations for residents of La72

For more information about the Dignity and Development Project or to make a donation online, please visit: www.stfrancisnyc.org/migrantcenter

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